Many events will be taking place over the next few days in celebration of Independence Day.  Rental Bleachers is excited to be celebrating with our clients by providing temporary rental bleachers for parades, marathons, and firework shows.  Please remember to be safe on the roads and in general as this can be a very exciting and fun week but also hazardous as well. 

Regardless of the type of event you plan to have this 4th of July, we are excited to plan your temporary event seating.   Temporary rental bleachers are perfect solution for parades, as they provide comfortable safe seating for all of the spectators.  The same goes for the marathans, triathlons, fireworks shows, concerts and other events.    Many of our clients will have us set-up bleachers for the day parade, and then we can move the bleachers or set-up separate bleachers for the evening event.  This is a great way to save money, as you are reusing the same bleachers, we have already traveled to your city, and it ensures everything is taken down and your parks and streets returned to normal as quickly as possible!

As always we want to thank our clients for letting us take part in their great events and look forward to providing quality rental bleachers for your next event as well.