Rental Bleachers is proud to be adding Corp Events to our client list.  We are excited to be providing bleacher rental seating for the event this July in Atlanta GA. 

Rental Bleachers is finishing our new bleacher rental brochure and it will available to all our friends, clients, and potential customers at no cost.  You will be able to either download the rental brochure or request one and we will send a hard copy to you. 

UPDATE:  You can now view our brochure online by clicking the link below.  We have had great success in providing rental bleachers for corporate events.  Our corporate clients have rented bleachers for shareholder meetings, conferences, training, seminars, lectures, and even company sporting events and company sponsored concerts.  Regardless of the type of corporate event, you can use bleachers for temporary seating.  Call us today for a free quote.