Bleacher Rentals / Safety Fence

Rental Bleacher Safety Information:

Renting bleachers for an event is a big responsibility.  Every person who comes to your event is trusting you to provide them with quality seating that is not just comfortable but safe for them and their family.  RBI has recently quoted a few projects where the competition has quoted the use of bleachers that do not have STANDARD safety features such as safety fence around the back and sides of the units.  Most of our clients are experts in their field but not necessarily experts in the bleacher business so we have listed some items below to look for when comparing quotes between companies and the types of bleachers they are providing.

Happy Holidays

Rental Bleachers Inc would like to wish everyone a wonderful holiday season.  We hope your year has been amazing and that the new year brings event greater joys to your world.  Remeber to be safe when traveling and at any events you may go to. RBI believes that safety...

The New RBI Website

The new site is up and we want to thank everyone for the input you have provided.  If anyone has any additional items or insights they feel could make the site more user friendly or better in any way we want to hear it so send us a message on the contact form. 

Fall Bleacher Events

This fall season has been a ton of fun!  RBI has completed events in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Sarasota Florida. As well as Atlanta, Savannah, Athens and Macon Georgia.  Our most recent events have utilized our brand new 126′ long 10row bleachers.  They are awesome!

Bleacher Rental Checklist

You have a lot of choices when renting bleachers for your event.  And whether you choose RBI or not we hope you will take a few things into consideration.   We have prepared this checklist to help you when you are deciding to rent bleachers for your event.