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You have a lot of choices when renting bleachers for your event.  And whether you choose RBI or not we hope you will take a few things into consideration.   We have prepared this checklist to help you when you are deciding to rent bleachers for your event.

First of all SAFETY! How are the bleachers built? What materials are they made of? When were they last inspected? Are engineer drawings available for them?

Next, how many people are you trying to seat? Or how big of an are do you have for bleachers? How will the bleacher be getting to the are of installation?

Many companies use different types of bleachers that may or may not be suitable for all areas.

Our all aluminum angle fram rental bleachers can be installed on any hard flat surface and can be carried through any standard doorway for indoor installations.  For additional checklist items visit our FAQ page for a complete run down.