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Whether you are looking to rent Rent Bleachers in Florida, general Bleacher Services or trying to find Used Bleachers for Sale, Florida Bleacher Rentals is here to help! Quality aluminum event seating for projects across the Southeast.  Multiple sizes and layouts of bleachers are available for rent.

Renting bleachers for an event can be a difficult process. Every event has it’s own challenges and it is important to use a bleacher rental company you can rely on. With temporary event seating projects completed all over the Southeast and hundreds of satisfied clients Rental Bleachers Inc. is a company you can depend on. We are a small company that appreciates all of our clients and bleacher rental events.

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Bleacher Service / Repairs

We offer a variety of bleacher services including bleacher repairs, installation services, code compliance, bleacher disassembly, relocation, and temporary storage, and more. With years of bleacher experience, if you have a problem, we are sure to have a solution!

Rental Bleachers

Florida Bleacher Rentals provides rental bleachers, grandstands and temporary event seating. Whether you need additional bleacher seating for a morning parade or an entire sports season, we’ve got you covered!

Bleachers For Sale

Purchase high quality aluminum bleachers and grandstands, new or used! Our used bleachers have been well maintained, recently inspected, and offer you a great value over the cost of new aluminum bleachers.

Portable Aluminum bleachers that you can rent come in lots of different sizes and dimensions, and different designs are used to accommodate different types of venues and events. Rental Aluminum angle frame bleachers are a great way to maximize seating in an area at a lower cost than other options. Angle frame bleacher rentals come in two distinct styles.

The first is a “Non-Elevated Rental Bleacher”; non-elevated is a style that means when you sit at the first seat your fee touch the ground. Most little league baseball fields will have these style bleacher seating as well as some football and soccer venues with portable aluminum bleachers. They are the least expensive style of rental bleacher and can be designed to fit almost any reasonable budget. Non-elevated rental bleachers can come in sizes from 3rows high and 15’ long all the way up to 20rows high and 300’ long. Many different decking options are available for non-elevated bleachers but the most common is a standard rise bleacher meaning 8” rise and 24” run per row. The rise and run can be changed at additional costs if needed but it is uncommon in a non-elevated unit as they are meant to be economical.

Next we have “Elevated Rental Bleachers” this style has an elevated front walkway with stairs and ADA ramps for access, and are often called Grandstands. The walkway comes standard around 30-32” but can be raised or lowered to meet whatever need that the design requires. These rental bleachers or grandstands are rented and used for larger venues or for projects that require viewing over an obstruction of some type, such as a racetrack. Elevated bleachers can be designed using aluminum angle frame or for larger projects that require a more open area under the bleachers a Steel I-Beam design may be utilized. For more questions regarding the different bleacher styles, designs, or uses that we have available for rent or sell, please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to teach you more about portable aluminum bleacher options.

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