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Frequently Asked Questions About Rental Bleachers

If you are looking to rent bleachers for your event but are unsure of what you need or the “lingo” when asking questions, we have listed some very simple steps to help you figure out your needs and the best options for your event.

Step 1: How many people are you looking to seat? 

  • This is first the thing to ask yourself and will determine how many bleachers you will need to rent in order to meet your event seating needs.

Step 2: Event location details

  • What are the dimensions of the area you are putting the rental bleachers?
  • Is the area flat and level or sloped? Is the ground concrete, sand, dirt? Rental bleachers need a firm foundation.
  • How close will the vehicles be able to get with the equipment? This can affect pricing. Can the trucks get right up to the area or will the materials need to be walked in?
  • Is the event indoors or outdoors? Rental Bleachers can be installed in both but pricing can vary depending on the situation.

Step 3: Type of Rental bleachers

  • Depending on the location of the event, bleachers may have different regulations.  For instance rental bleachers used for parades, sports, and other temporary events often come without center aisles to maximize the seating in a given area.  Some locations require aisle ways for events and this can change not only the layout of the bleachers but also the pricing of the rental bleachers.
  • Are the rental bleachers made of wood? steel? aluminum?  Are they in good shape? Get images of the bleachers to make sure they look good.  Florida Bleacher Rentals only uses quality aluminum rental bleachers but not all companies offer the same products.

Step 4: Do you need Engineer Drawings?

  • Engineer Drawings are available for rental bleachers but are not usually required because of the temporary nature of event seating.  If they are required for your event you must discuss this prior to signing a contract in order to have the plans ready for submital prior to installation.

Step 5: Booking your rental bleachers?

  • Once the details have been worked out and you are ready to sign the contract make sure the rental bleacher company you are working with has included all the items needed for your event.  I.E- Delivery and installation, removal and INSURANCE! Florida Bleacher Rentals carries a General Liability Policy for all events and any company you use should do the same.
  • Event dates! Make sure all the dates in the contract are correct and that whoever you use has guaranteed the materials for your event.  Florida Bleacher Rentals locks in your materials and dates once the contract is signed but not all rental companies have the same policy.

Rental bleachers can be a huge addition to your event and can offer great views and memories for your spectators.  If you follow these steps and questions you should be able to navigate the rental bleacher world and make your event the success it should be.

Florida Bleacher Rentals suggests getting multiple quotes for your event if possible and would be glad to provide a quote and answer any additional questions you may have. See us at FloridaBleacherRentals.com for more rental bleacher information.

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