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Florida Bleacher Repair and Services

Florida Bleacher Rentals provides a variety of bleacher services for those who need or have bleacher systems.

A few of the bleacher repair and renovation services we offer:

  • Break-down and removal or demolition of existing bleacher systems that are hazardous
  • Re-locate existing bleachers or grandstands that are to be used in a new area
  • Inspecting bleachers for code compliance and insurance reporting
  • Renovate existing systems to meet new code requirements for bleachers
  • Repairs of existing bleachers that meet code but are in need of attention
  • Addition of ADA seating (Americans with Disabilies Act) to existing bleacher systems that do not meet the requirements

In most cases a site visit is required in order to estimate a quote for renovations or repairs of your bleacher system; however, we may be able to give you some direction over the phone or by email if you need to get a step in the right direction.

For a quote or additional information please contact us by email and give a brief description of the project and the locations of the project. We will get back with you immediately.

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Bleacher Renovations & Bleacher Repairs in Florida

Sometimes, existing bleacher systems need to be replaced entirely; however if the structure is safe and the existing system can be renovated, you may be able to save a significant amount of money by renovating your bleachers or grandstand. If you have a bleacher that was built more than 10 years ago it is highly likely that it does not meet existing code requirements for permanent bleacher systems. Bleacher safety is a crucial element to any property as insurance claims can be costly and our goal should always be to keep our spectators seating comfortably and safely. 

Bleacher Inspections & Reports

You may have a system that you are trying to insure and the policy is requiring an inspection or you may have a system that you want to know for sure if it meets requirements. Our Engineer is an expert in the bleacher industry and capable of inspecting bleachers and other structures in most states in the Southeast. The engineer will visit the location and inspect the system and then provide a “signed and sealed” report of the system including decking, structure, and foundation. As well as the recommendations if any that applies to the project.


Project Highlight: Existing Bleacher Relocation Project:

The client had a used bleacher system in place that was in very good condition and they wanted to repurpose the seating after they updated the site. Our jobs consisted of removing the existing bleachers, placing them in storage until the owner had completed the site work and then install the materials on the new concrete foundation. When removing a bleacher system for relocation or re-installation you have to make sure that great care is taken to store the materials in a manner as not to get damaged. When the time comes to re-install the bleachers it is crucial that if any code updates or additional materials are required to meet code they are added or installed because even if a bleacher was installed on a property that did not meet new code requirements, once it is removed and re-installed it must meet all new requirements.

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