Aluminum Bleacher Rentals for Any Event!

Our bleacher rental projects include providing rental bleachers grandstands for air shows, parades, rodeos, marathons, sporting events, and political speaking events in Florida and surrounding areas.   Our aluminum rental bleachers are assembled on site which allows us to install in locations other companies just can’t reach.  We offer indoor and outdoor rental bleacher seating options and look forward to adding your event to our calendar.

“Florida Rental Bleachers is small enough to care and big enough to get the job done.”


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Here is a sample of events we have serviced with affordable rental bleacher seating:

  • Miami Beach Florida – Pride Parade – 300 seats using 5row rental aluminum angle frame bleachers
  • Daytona Beach Florida – Concert – 500 seats using 10row rental bleachers with aisles
  • The Villages Florida – Pool Tournament – Event seating renting indoor bleachers using 10row and 5row seating systems
  • West Palm Beach Florida – CrossFit Event – 5 sections of 84′ long 10row code compliant rental seating
  • Palm Beach Florida – Race Challenge – Hilltop seating system for 1200 spectators
  • Miami Florida – Summer Series – Outdoor bleacher seating for long term rental period using 10row aluminum bleachers
  • Orlando Florida – Robot tournament – Indoor bleacher event using 5row rental bleachers for multiple dates
  • Atlanta Georgia – Corporate Event – Outdoor event seating for 1400 people using multiple bleacher layouts for summer event
  • Tampa Florida – Roller Derby – Exciting indoor bleacher rental event using 10row bleacher systems
  • Louisville Kentucky – 10 Day Bleacher Rental – 2 sections of 84′ 10row bleacher seating with engineer drawings
  • Fort Meyers Florida – Football Season – 84′ long 10row football bleacher rental used for 2013 football season
  • Savannah Georgia – Military Event – Indoor bleacher rental using 10row bleacher sections to accommodate space requirments
  • Atlanta Georgia – Jujitsu Tournament – 147′ long 5row rental bleacher installed indoors
  • New Smyrna Beach – Football Season – 84′ long unit for long term aluminum bleacher rental
  • Melbourne Florida – Football Season – Additional football seating for big game between rivals
  • Macon Georgia – Festival Days – Rent outdoor bleacher seating for weekend event
  • Arden North Carolina – The Big Game – Extra seats for visiting rivals for the big day
  • Enterprise Alabama – Monster Trucks – Loud Trucks… Great rental sleacher seats for monster truck show!
  • Bonita Springs FL – 84′ long 10row temporary bleacher seating for 515 people with aisles
  • Tampa FL – Multiple bleacher units rented for school production
  • Bushnell FL – 5 sections of 10row plus 4 sections of 5row temporary bleachers for Livestock exhibits & shows
  • Amelia Island FL – 2 sections of 42′ 10row aluminimum bleacher seating for Special Cooking Event
  • Sarasota FL – Osprey Tennis Tournament 4 section of 21′ 10row tennis bleachers for rent
  • Custom 10row bleacher layout for Corporate event in Orlando Florida At Rosen Creek, bleacher seating for 500 people
  • Indoor 10row portable bleacher system for Vampire Diaries TV production in Georgia
  • Outdoor 10row temporary rental bleachers for City Of Gainesville FL
  • Indoor 10 row portable bleacher seating systems for Dance Competition in Jekyll Island Georgia
  • Indoor 10row bleacher rental system for University of Georgia production in Savannah Georgia
  • Cobra-Puma Golf show in Orlando Florida 10row rental golf bleachers unit
  • St. Augustine Florida – Long term bleacher rental – 280 temporary seating for soccer season
  • Bradenton Florida – Longer term rental seating – 280 portable aluminum bleachers for football season
  • St. Petersburg Florida – Presidential Rally – For 700 People, 5 and 10 row aluminum bleachers seating for political event
  • Kissimmee Florida – Presidential Rally – Obama Campaign – 5 row bleacher rental seating installed for national speaking event
  • Rosen Plaza Orlando Florida – Political Rally – Obama Campaign – 5 row bleachers for rent seating 140
  • Lakeland Regional Airport – Political Rally – Romney Campaign – 5 row bleachers rented for 140 people
  • Sarasota Florida – Political Rally – Romney Campaign – 10 row rental bleachers seating 420
  • Macon Georgia – Special Event Festival – 5 row temporary bleacher seating 420
  • Orlando Florida – Indoor Surfing Competition – 140 temporary indoor bleacher seats for competition
  • Debary Florida – Little League Championships – 280 portable rental baseball bleacher seats
  • Disney Resorts – Mixed Martial Arts Competitions – 490 seats in 5row aluminimum bleacher configuration
  • Indoor Surf Competition – Orlando Florida – 5row aluminum bleachers for national championship event
  • Corporate games – Centennial Park, Atlanta Georgia – 1,000 seats installed in Olympic Park for corporate bleacher rental
  • Disney Resorts – Orlando Florida – Martial Arts Competitions – 500 bleacher seats installed indoors for final matches
  • Gretna Florida Horse Races – 1400 seats of 10row bleacher rental for horse race
  • Central Florida Renaissance Festival – 420 seats 10row bleacher rental for festival
  • Taylor Made Golf Event Orlando Florida – 280 seats 10row rent bleachers for golf tournament
  • Cheer & Dance Event Savannah GA – 280 seats 10row portable bleachers for dance competition
  • Panama City Beach, Daytona Beach Florida – Temporary Stadium with bleachers on sand for 700 seats
  • “42” The movie Macon GA – Temporary rental bleachers for film production movie set
  • Ninja Warrior Miami Florida – 5row portable bleacher seating for spectators
  • Royal Pains T.V show – 10row bleachers and materials rental for studio special effects.
  • Multiple Rentals of Bleachers for Tennis Tournaments throughout Florida including Sarasota, Naples, and Fort Myers.
  • Drift Racing Event – West Palm Beach Florida – 6 sections of 10row aluminum bleachers seating 840 seats
  • Lake Ona Florida – Horse and Livestock viewing  – 10 row rental bleacher seating
  • Multiple Fairs and Festivals including Melbourne FL, Central Georgia, Alabama all bleachers accommodating spectators for truck pulls, concerts, and more.
  • Spanish Lanes Bowling – 5 row rental sports bleacher seating installed indoors for bowling tournament
  • Gwinnett Georgia – State High School Baseball Finals – 10row portable baseball stadium bleacher seating for 560 additional spectators
  • Atlanta Georgia – AIS – Soccer Finals 10row rent soccer bleacher seating 420 seats for event
  • Palm Harbor Florida – Graduation Ceremony – 700 Additional aluminum rental bleachers for graduation event
  • Amelia Island Florida – Sea Lion Show – Parking lot rental bleacher installation to accommodate 400 guests for special event.
  • Atlanta Georgia Road Race – numerous 5row aluminum bleachers installed in mid-town for clients and guests

Thanks to all of our great customers, we have been able to continue growing and now provide rental bleachers beyond Florida into Georgia, South Carolina, Alabama, and Mississippi through  We are currently expanding to provide bleacher rental services nationally, so contact us to see if we have any portable aluminum bleachers for rent in your area!

We appreciate the opportunity to get to serve your event by providing quality bleachers for rent.   Our event list does not include all events we have served, only those that approve our sharing their use of Florida Bleacher Rentals.  When renting, please let us know if you wish for us not to share any details of your rental bleacher event with our prospective customers, and ask about potential discounts for sharing us in your social media or website!


Indoor Pool Events in Orlando Florida

Recently Florida Bleacher Rentals was contacted by an event team in Orlando, Florida wanting to install temporary bleacher seating for an event located inside an indoor pool facility. The project definitely had unique challenges as we had to carry all the aluminum bleacher materials into the pool facility and make sure the bleachers were positioned with enough clearance to keep non-competitors out of the pool. The aluminum rental bleachers used for this event were 4 bleacher sections each 21’ long 10 row bleachers, connected together to make (1) longer section of 84’ long 10 row bleachers seating 416 people.

Sarasota Bradenton Florida Bleacher Rental for Modern Pentathlon Event

The Sarasota – Bradenton Florida area recently put on a Modern Pentathlon Event at the Polo Grounds. The portable rental bleachers selected to be used for the event were an 84’ long 10 row section seating 500 people @ 18” per seat.  The covered aluminum bleachers were installed under a tent to provide both shade and protection from the weather, as this was an outdoor bleacher event.  The installation area was flat hard grass and the truck and trailer could be pulled up behind the installation area making this a perfect project all the way around.  

Sarasota Open Tennis Tournament Bleacher Rental

The Sarasota Open has been using RBI for 5 years at this event and each year the seating layout changes to keep things fresh and add new elements to the events. The stage was added this season in between two sets of bleachers which was a fun twist on the games.