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The Sarasota – Bradenton Florida area recently put on a Modern Pentathlon Event at the Polo Grounds. The portable rental bleachers selected to be used for the event were an 84’ long 10 row section seating 500 people @ 18” per seat.  The covered aluminum bleachers were installed under a tent to provide both shade and protection from the weather, as this was an outdoor bleacher event.  The installation area was flat hard grass and the truck and trailer could be pulled up behind the installation area making this a perfect project all the way around.  


10 row aluminum angle frame seating is an excellent choice for outdoor venues that are looking for a great view that won’t break the bank.  The seating can be installed in just a few hours in good conditions and seating configurations to accommodate anywhere from 140 to thousands of seats depending on the space available.  The aluminum construction and design makes the bleachers not only safe and comfortable but also nice to look at from any angle.