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Recently Florida Bleacher Rentals was contacted by an event team in Orlando, Florida wanting to install temporary bleacher seating for an event located inside an indoor pool facility. The project definitely had unique challenges as we had to carry all the aluminum bleacher materials into the pool facility and make sure the bleachers were positioned with enough clearance to keep non-competitors out of the pool. The aluminum rental bleachers used for this event were 4 bleacher sections each 21’ long 10 row bleachers, connected together to make (1) longer section of 84’ long 10 row bleachers seating 416 people.

Once installed, the client was very happy with the design and layout of the rental bleachers, and was very impressed with the temporary bleacher installation.

When renting bleachers it is critical that to ask questions about the type of rental bleachers and the experience of the company you are going to be working with. This client definitely wanted someone with experience installing bleachers indoors and a skilled team to avoid any damage to the pool area. Be sure to ask your prospective bleacher vendor if the bleachers can be installed indoors, if the bleachers meet all required safety codes?, if not then why (or run!)?

After the Florida Bleacher Rental team removed the portable rental bleachers at this Orlando, FL pool facility, the site appeared as if we had never even been there. This was yet another amazing client and experience to add to our list and hopefully will return to this venue for many more awesome projects over the next few years.