Renting bleachers for political events

September has been an amazing month here at Florida Bleacher Rentals.  With the political campaign trails running hot in the sunshine state things can get hectic!  

Bleacher for speaking events

The Republican National Convention is gearing up here in Tampa Florida and Florida Bleacher Rentals is happy to be providing a few small units for speaking events and meetings during the convention dates.

Announcing Long Term Bleacher Rentals

A lot of things have happened over the last few weeks. With new projects completed in Atlanta Georgia, Orlando Florida, Gainesville Florida and Charleston South Carolina we are pleased to announce that we will be providing long term bleachers for rent to repeat customers this fall season.  Our repeat clients include schools in Bradenton Florida and also Saint Augustine Florida along with our ever expanding new client base. 

Rental bleachers for Pro-Kick Tournament

Summer is here and it is HOT!  Remember when you are outside enjoying all the great events, make sure to drink water and stay hydrated.  Rental bleachers is gearing up for the Pro-Kick Tournament at D. Beach and will definitely be following that rule as well. 

Celebrating with Temporary Rental Bleachers

Many events will be taking place over the next few days in celebration of Independence Day.  Rental Bleachers is excited to be celebrating with our clients by providing temporary rental bleachers for parades, marathons, and firework shows.  Please remember to be safe on the roads and in general as this can be a very exciting and fun week but also hazardous as well.