Indoor Pool Events in Orlando Florida

Recently Florida Bleacher Rentals was contacted by an event team in Orlando, Florida wanting to install temporary bleacher seating for an event located inside an indoor pool facility. The project definitely had unique challenges as we had to carry all the aluminum bleacher materials into the pool facility and make sure the bleachers were positioned with enough clearance to keep non-competitors out of the pool. The aluminum rental bleachers used for this event were 4 bleacher sections each 21’ long 10 row bleachers, connected together to make (1) longer section of 84’ long 10 row bleachers seating 416 people.

Sarasota Bradenton Florida Bleacher Rental for Modern Pentathlon Event

The Sarasota – Bradenton Florida area recently put on a Modern Pentathlon Event at the Polo Grounds. The portable rental bleachers selected to be used for the event were an 84’ long 10 row section seating 500 people @ 18” per seat.  The covered aluminum bleachers were installed under a tent to provide both shade and protection from the weather, as this was an outdoor bleacher event.  The installation area was flat hard grass and the truck and trailer could be pulled up behind the installation area making this a perfect project all the way around.  

Sarasota Open Tennis Tournament Bleacher Rental

The Sarasota Open has been using RBI for 5 years at this event and each year the seating layout changes to keep things fresh and add new elements to the events. The stage was added this season in between two sets of bleachers which was a fun twist on the games.

Indoor Rental Bleachers and Outdoor Rental Bleacher

Each bleacher rental project will have its own challenges for installation and removal of the rental bleachers. In some cases we simply can not get the truck and trailer close during the bleacher installation and the materials must be carried. This is when having portable aluminum angle frame bleacher units really is better than steel frame bleachers and wooden bleacher seats. A few different types of challenges are shown below:

Fall Bleacher Events

This fall season has been a ton of fun!  RBI has completed events in Orlando, Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, and Sarasota Florida. As well as Atlanta, Savannah, Athens and Macon Georgia.  Our most recent events have utilized our brand new 126′ long 10row bleachers.  They are awesome!

Renting Fooball Bleachers for Football Season

The summer is closing out and football season is in full effect so go and support your local teams and get a great seat on the bleachers!  If you looking to rent football bleachers for your school, church, or rec league, we have several different options available.  We can offer discounts for long-term rentals, and even provide options if your team makes the playoffs and you need to extend your rental.   Whatever your need may be, we are happy to help you with your football bleacher rental.