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Are you looking to rent indoor or outdoor bleachers? Each bleacher rental project will have its own challenges for installation and removal of the rental bleachers. In some cases we simply can not get the truck and trailer close during the bleacher installation and the materials must be carried. This is when having portable aluminum angle frame bleacher units really is better than steel frame bleachers and wooden bleacher seats. A few different types of challenges are shown below:


Installing Indoor rental bleachers:

This event is for a SEC swimming event in Athens Georgia and the client rented 3 sections of 21’ long 5row bleachers as well as 6 sections of 21’ long 3row bleachers. The materials had to be loaded through a standard doorway and then installed around the perimeter of the pool areas. This is great example of why it is important to contact a company that has a product that can be used for this type of event. Not all bleacher companies provide seating that can be moved like this.



Outdoor bleacher Rental:

This project was for an equestrian event in New Smyrna Beach Florida. This is a prime example of “Easy” installation. The truck and trailer could be parked directly behind the bleacher area and the materials barely had to be carried.  They do not get much better than this. Not all outdoor events are this way, in fact sometimes outdoor events are harder to get the bleachers located than indoor projects. For example, beach events are tough. The trucks can never get to the area and the materials must be carried a great distance over soft surfaces.  This makes beach projets some of the most costly events to provide for. Tennis events are also a challenge as the courts are always hidden away and the paths to them are very small.