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Rental Bleachers can be utilized for festivals of all types.  Recently RBI provided aluminum bleachers for an American Indian Heritage Festival.  The bleachers were used around a location for viewing of both dance demonstrations as well as cultural displays during the course of the festival.  The client “dressed” the bleachers using different materials to make them go a little better with the theme of the event.  RBI has provided for numerous American Indian Festivals over the last few years including our latest in Brooksville Florida as well as Macon Georgia.  It is always nice to be a part of an event that celebrates culture and allows people to learn about things first hand.

Music festivals are another venue that requires temporary bleachers and depending on the size of the event or the headliners for the show the seating could range from just a few bleachers to thousands of seats needed.  In the summer RBI provides bleachers for a concert series that takes place over 12 days and over 10,000 people go up and down on our seating during those events.  Another great reason to make sure the bleachers you rent are the best quality bleachers available.  You want the people to come back to the event the next time too.

No matter what type of festival you are trying to put together aluminum event seating can be a great asset to the project.  Your guests will remember the little details of the event and if you plan on having the event each year you want to build a strong client base. This means providing a quality event with good vendors and great atmosphere.  Those are key points to ensure you event will grow each year.